00:00    I’m going to hit record and see what happens. Alright. How does that sound at synth? When I came in, I apparently I have like a custom sound for me. Like I came in and went, went like a little sin thing. I think of other people. Cause the thing I did the […]

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HomeJoy and Building Product

Earlier this summer, HomeJoy went out of business after having raised $40 million. There’s a couple reasons it went bust, this is a really great analysis. The summary is that home-services is a high-touch market with a high barrier to establishing trust between cleaner and client. Service must be good, and on top of that, after […]

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Why Hiring that Candidate is a bad idea: How to avoid bad decisions

In economics, we model humans as rational actors to simplify the equation. People take the available information at hand and determine their best course of action after taking into account all the relevant factors. Unfortunately, people do dumb things. For instance, buy a house when they can’t necessarily afford it. Decide to build their social […]

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